Meet Your Hoag Doctor – Dr. Tuominen

Meet Your Hoag Doctor – Dr. Tuominen

Hoag Concierge Medicine is about creating a lasting relationship between you, your doctor and your health support team. We want to get to know you, and vice versa.

Meet your Hoag doctor, Dr. Tuominen! 

Constantly Learning From Each Patient

If every interaction is seen as an opportunity to become more familiar with a patient, that knowledge and bond is powerful in understanding their overall health and wellness. Asking creative questions across a broad spectrum helps to reach unique solutions for each patient. It’s why Dr. Tuominen focuses on treating the person and not the condition.

Building Relationships

“When people think of concierge, they think of service, and that’s definitely part of our practice. I think an even more valuable aspect is that of access and expertise. The ability to focus on a smaller number of patients allows me to get back to the reason I started family medicine, which is really that trusting relationship between a patient and a physician.”

An Insight on Wellness

“There are two things money can’t buy: health and time. The only thing that can give you more time is better health. I love helping people feel good and be happy. To be able to do this in an environment that is challenging and ever-changing is truly a blessing.”

Get Started Today!

Your health is too important to not have the right team behind you. Come in for a free consultation to meet Dr. Tuominen and discover how he can make a difference in your health and wellness journey! Call (949) 490-7376 today.

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