From a Patient’s Perspective

Our patients are the reason we do what we do. At Hoag Concierge Medicine, we take immense pride in being able to provide top-level care that allows each person to experience an improved state of health and wellness alongside a team of professionals that care. 

We are incredibly humbled by and grateful for the kind words that a dear patient of Dr. Lindberg’s, Ben E. shared:

“I was a member of a large healthcare provider in Southern California for over 20 years. During that time, I was constantly having to deal with various challenges related to the care and services they provided. Some of those challenges was having to wait weeks for appointments, consistently feeling rushed by my physician and his staff during appointments, hesitancy in ordering tests that may aid in better diagnostic decision making, and at times deciding my course of care before truly listening and evaluating my medical concerns. After so many years of poor and disappointing care, I finally made a decision to seek a new healthcare provider.    

After doing extensive research, I decided to join HOAG Concierge Medicine. HOAG Concierge Medicine checked off all the boxes that was important to me such as providing same day appointments, in-office lab testing, proactive verse reactive approach to my health, and wonderful physician and staff reviews. Choosing HOAG Concierge Medicine as my primary care provider turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. 

Upon my first visit, I was introduced to Dr. James Lindberg and his care team. Dr. Lindberg and his professional staff conducted an extensive executive health and physical examination to evaluate my overall health. Throughout the examination, Dr. Lindberg spent a great deal of time to personally get to know me, understand my medical history and concerns, while making me feel comfortable that I was in the best care. There was never a moment during our conversations and examination that he made me feel rushed. Upon completing my examination, his staff immediately scheduled me a follow up appointment a few weeks later so that we may discuss my health examination results. In my follow up visit, Dr. Lindberg provided me a detailed comprehension review of my current state of health which included a plan of action and recommendations that would assist me in optimizing my short and long term health.

 As for Dr. James Lindberg, he is an extraordinary doctor who is a blessing to the medical profession. I have never met a physician who possessed a higher level of attentiveness, compassion, and professionalism while providing insightful clinical wisdom to his patients. Dr. Lindberg is undoubtedly the golden standard of what a healthcare physician should be. I am beyond grateful of my ongoing relationship with Dr. Lindberg as my primary doctor.

I would also like to mention that the entire medical team (especially Nurse Melanie) and office staff have exceeded my expectations in every imaginable way. From the moment you walk into this world class facility, you are treated as if you were a directly a HOAG family member. The front office staff provide a level of guest service and hospitality that is beyond belief.  Upon every one of my visits, they have always greeted me with a welcoming smile, offered me refreshments, maintained an extremely clean private member lounge area, while never holding me for more than a few minutes before receiving care. This level of service is truly unmatched in the medical care industry. They make me feel like a VIP!

If you are looking for the finest concierge services in the Orange County area, then look no further then HOAG Concierge Medicine. Dr. Lindberg and the entire HOAG Concierge team are hands down the BEST.”

May Monthly Member Tips: Recipe + Workout

Experiencing an elevated state of health and wellness starts with our daily habits. The type of exercise we engage in and what food we are feeding ourselves to fuel those workouts has a direct impact on our overall state of physical and mental health. Each month, Hoag Concierge Medicine wants to make planning easier by equipping you with expert insight.


potassium foods

Flavonoid-rich foods lower blood pressure. High intake of these fruits lower systolic blood pressure. The lower blood pressure readings are due to positive changes in gut bacteria diversity. Findings show similar dietary interventions may clinically benefit vascular outcomes and cardiometabolic health. 

Exercise: Sit to Stand

Workout Type: At Home Strength – Lower Body

Benefits: Strengthen muscles in the thighs and core for stability. Helpful post knee/hip surgery or if having difficulties getting up from a chair, out of a car, or off the toilet.

General Instruction: Start seated, place feet hip width distance apart. Stand pushing through the heels, squeezing the glutes at the top. Do 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.


Modifications: Hold weights to increase difficulty.


Family Add-On’s: Concierge Service for the Whole Family

Hoag Concierge Medicine offers health solutions for the entire family. Many of our members chose to give the gift of health and wellness by giving greater access to care to their family members. The true seal of approval for us is patients bringing their entire family into the program, so that we can best protect their most valuable asset, the health of those they love. 

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to see patients and those who matter most to them achieve a level of health that they didn’t think was possible.

What we do at Hoag Concierge Medicine enables our clients and those they care about to spend more time doing what they love.Our promise is to treat all of our patients like we would our own family. 

Here’s what our Hoag Concierge Medicine members are saying about us:

“People I love, I want them to be taken care of.”

“My daughter, son in law and wife are all in the program.”

“I feel like I’m part of a family.”

“My whole family is part of the practice now.”

At our practice, we are afforded the time to get to know patients on a very detailed level. This quality time spent with individuals leads to a relationship built on trust, which is one of the most important aspects of a positive doctor-patient relationship. Our care team is grateful to be welcomed into patients’ lives and those most important to them for whole family care. 

We want to welcome you to join our team and allow us to help you and your family protect your health. Contact us today to learn more at 949-490-7376!

Meet Your Hoag Doctor: Dr. Lindberg

Hoag Concierge Medicine is about creating a lasting relationship between you, your doctor and your health support team. We want to get to know you, and vice versa.

Meet your Hoag doctor, Dr. Lindberg! 

Personal Background

Dr. Lindberg earned his medical degree from the University of California, Irvine and completed his residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at UCI Medical Center. He is the past President of the Orange County Heart Association and has been a frequent speaker to physicians and leaders about health care and disease prevention.

Dr. Lindberg has been active in sports his entire life, playing both baseball and football. He has more recently enjoyed these sports as a coach and spectator. Today he stays active by hiking, working out, and spending time with his family at the beach and in the local mountains.

Why Concierge Medicine?

“The real advantage of concierge medicine, and the reason I enjoy it so much, is because I have plenty of time to spend with my patients. We schedule more than enough time for each and every visit so we can completely review whatever questions a patient might have. It also keeps people healthier because they get their questions answered on time and we can address things before they become an issue. “

Forming Lasting Relationships

“What I like best about my job is the people. Many of my patients I’ve known for 15 years or more. Concierge medicine is about relationships, and it’s about building a relationship with the patients I have. I want to welcome you to join our team and allow us to help you and your family protect your health.”

Get Started Today!

Your health is too important to not have the right team behind you. Come in for a free consultation to meet one of our physicians and discover how they can make a difference in your health and wellness journey! Call (949) 490-7376 today. 


April Member Tips: Recipe + Workout

Experiencing an elevated state of health and wellness starts with our daily habits. The type of exercise we engage in and what food we are feeding ourselves to fuel those workouts has a direct impact on our overall state of physical and mental health. Each month, Hoag Concierge Medicine wants to make planning easier by equipping you with expert insight.

Since April is IBS Awareness Month we wanted to give you some nutrition and exercise based recommendations for healthy GI function!

Recipe Tips:


Physical exercise can be both beneficial and harmful for the gastrointestinal tract in a dose-effect relationship between its intensity and health. Mild-to-moderate intensity exercises play a protective role against colon cancer, diverticular disease, cholelithiasis and constipation, whereas acute strenuous exercise may provoke heartburn, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and even gastrointestinal bleeding. 

Sticking to low impact strength training exercises can be beneficial for gut health in comparison to high intensity interval training.

Get in Touch

If you would like your physician and trainer working together to design a specific health program specifically for you, contact us at (949) 490-7376!

How Hoag Concierge Medicine Works: First Year as a Member

Are you searching for a new physician? If so, Hoag Concierge Medicine is different from the standard healthcare you might be used to. We provide our patients with a designated care team to efficiently manage and tailor a health and fitness plan to keep you healthy.

As a member, our clients have a comprehensive annual physical, access to their physician’s mobile and email, proactive health care planning, and a dedicated advocate if you have any healthcare issues.

Here is a quick breakdown to show you just how easy it is to get started with Hoag Concierge Medicine!

Signing Up

We make the sign up process quick! Whenever a potential patient is interested, we send over enrollment forms. Upon receiving the completed appropriate documents, we create an account on the same day and get appointments setup within one week of enrollment.

Completing Your Physical

Generally, the first two appointments that are scheduled will be the labs and annual physical. We will get labs scheduled within 1-2 days and the annual physical will be at least two weeks from the lab appointment date.

Reviewing Results / Outlined Plan With Doc

Your lab results will be reviewed on the day of the annual physical appointment. Any other lab orders or results will be scheduled for a follow up appointment a minimum of a week after the lab appointment date.

Using Additional Membership Benefits

Once you enroll as a member, you have access to our fitness facility and direct access to your physician. Follow up appointments vary from patient to patient, ranging from 1 week to 3 months after the last appointment, depending on the doctor’s request.

Return for Annual Physical

Lab work and annual physicals recur each year that a patient is a member to stay on top of their health.

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