Patient Centered Care Team

Patient Centered Care Team

Hoag Concierge Medicine is more than just concierge medicine, it’s a team that collaborates on your treatment plan to achieve your health goals.

Our focus at Hoag Concierge Medicine is YOU. We work collaboratively as your care team to create a roadmap for sustained health and wellness, with an emphasis on prevention. 

We are rapidly progressing in the field of healthcare. To improve quality, and become more patient centered we are transforming the way we practice medicine with the addition of degreed health and wellness coaches to our care teams. You may be asking yourself….

What Is a Health and Wellness Coach?

To put it concisely, a health and wellness coach is a degreed and certified healthcare professional who helps bridge the gap between medical recommendations and patients’ abilities or implement change. 

We have all been there. The doctor tells us the multiple lifestyle changes we need to make to manage our medical conditions. Yet, being told and being coached through the process are two very distinct things. 

How We Are Different

This coaching connection could consist of many different interactions. From monthly meetings to brainstorm over your exercise routine to virtual nutritional coaching through an app on your phone, we will do whatever is needed to leverage the non-pharmaceutical interventions that can positively influence the numbers your doctor wants to see improve. 

Why Hoag Concierge Medicine

In the end, you have invested in us to guide you to optimal health. Creating the best healthcare team possible would be the most appropriate way to protect your investment, and health. We work together to provide the best care possible for our members. This means including you as a part of the conversation. Here, you participate in your own care, the way it should be. To get started today, click here or call us at 949-629-2600.

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