The Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, but has just recently become a mainstream phenomena. Contrary to popular belief, meditation does not require you to completely empty your mind and be “thoughtless.” Rather, it is a practice of becoming more aware of the thoughts you are having and encourages you to be present through the most natural of mechanisms: your own breath. 

Why practice meditation?

There are many benefits of meditation, from reducing stress to lowering blood pressure. There are many different types of practices, like meditation for anxiety or mindfulness meditation. That’s what is so great about it, you can switch it up based on your daily needs!

All you need is yourself.

Yet another reason to add this ancient practice to your daily routine? Meditation is a free form of self care that requires nothing but yourself! You don’t need to have an hour long practice to be effective; simply start by taking a deep, full breath. Let the air fill your lungs completely as you breathe in…and slowly release the air fully as you breathe out. Repeat this process two more times, and you’ve completed your first meditation practice! 

With continued meditation practice, you will reap the wonderful benefits it has to offer. To begin your journey into meditation and see how you can integrate it into your health and wellness plan, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hiteshi today!

If I could share one insight on wellness…

“So much of our physical state of being is rooted in our mental state of being. It has been estimated that stress-related issues account for 75-90% of all outpatient visits to primary care physicians. If we can ensure time in our routine for mindfulness-based practices, we may be able to replace some medications with meditation.”

Dr. Hiteshi


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