Family Add-On’s: Concierge Service for the Whole Family

Hoag Concierge Medicine offers health solutions for the entire family. Many of our members chose to give the gift of health and wellness by giving greater access to care to their family members. The true seal of approval for us is patients bringing their entire family into the program, so that we can best protect their most valuable asset, the health of those they love. 

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to see patients and those who matter most to them achieve a level of health that they didn’t think was possible.

What we do at Hoag Concierge Medicine enables our clients and those they care about to spend more time doing what they love.Our promise is to treat all of our patients like we would our own family. 

Here’s what our Hoag Concierge Medicine members are saying about us:

“People I love, I want them to be taken care of.”

“My daughter, son in law and wife are all in the program.”

“I feel like I’m part of a family.”

“My whole family is part of the practice now.”

At our practice, we are afforded the time to get to know patients on a very detailed level. This quality time spent with individuals leads to a relationship built on trust, which is one of the most important aspects of a positive doctor-patient relationship. Our care team is grateful to be welcomed into patients’ lives and those most important to them for whole family care. 

We want to welcome you to join our team and allow us to help you and your family protect your health. Contact us today to learn more at 949-490-7376!