Boost Your Health Through Food: Flax Seed

Boost Your Health Through Food: Flax Seed

Are you familiar with the term “super food”? While it is not a medically recognized word, as there is no one food that can offer all the essential nutrients we need, there are certainly some foods that offer a host of benefits to boost a healthy diet. These “superfoods,” like flax seed, deserve a special shoutout, and a space in your cupboard! 

While flax seeds are small, they pack an incredible nutritional punch!

There are so many different ways to incorporate flaxseed into your diet. One of the many wonderful things about flaxseed is that you don’t need much of it to reap its health benefits. Just a sprinkle or a tablespoon is enough to elevate your snack or meal. Below we have some recommendations for how you can add flaxseed to your diet, and why you should.

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